Jewish Stories


Jewish Stories

ISBN 9781783880102
Niveau B2
Pagina’s 32
Full color illustrations

12.00 incl tax

226 op voorraad

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“The stories in this book come from the Jewish faith. According to Jewish scriptures, the first Jew was Abraham, a man who lived in the Middle East more about 4,000 years ago. He taught his family and everyone he met to worship one God, instead of many different gods. Jews believe that God made a covenant (an agreement) with Abraham. God said that the Jews should live wise and just lives. Then he would look after them for ever. In their daily lives, Jews listen to stories to help them remember their long history. You can read some of these stories in this book.

The collections of stories in the Storyteller series introduce young readers to some of the most significant beliefs, values and traditions in the world’s six main faiths.”

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