Hinduism in Bali


Hinduism in Bali

ISBN 9781783880140
Niveau B2
Pagina’s 24
Colour Photographs

12.00 incl tax

113 op voorraad

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Hinduism in Bali follows Yoni as she practices for a dance performance at the local temple. Learn more about the art of Hindu as she rehearses, gives offerings to the gods, and finally arrives at the day of the performance.

Families and their Faiths is a first introduction to cultures and faiths around the world. It gives a personal and intimate glimpse of real families and the role their faiths play in their everyday lives. Each book focuses on a young child and is narrated by a grandparent. The author and photographer lived with the local communities in order to give this privileged insight into faiths around the world.

Lezers in Nederland hebben een andere voorkennis van de Engelse taal dan bijvoorbeeld lezers uit China.
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