ISBN 9781783881277
Serie Foods we eat
Niveau B1
Pagina’s 24
Colour Photographs

12.50 incl tax

75 op voorraad

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“The Foods We Eat series tells you all about the different foods we put on our table each week. The books tell you how the foods are grown or reared, how they are prepared and processed and how they are transported to a shop near you.

In Bread, we follow the story of this vital staple food that is eaten in nearly every country in the world. We find out how wheat is sown, harvested and milled into flour. Then we discover how the many different types of bread are made and brought to a shop near you.

There is a handy map, showing all the different places wheat is grown, and a simple recipe for making delicious chapattis. Fast Food boxes contain morsels of interesting information about bread.”

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